Very few archaeologists achieve fame or glory, but a few have made it into the public realm, either for their archaeology or other exploits. Here we look at the homes of eight famous archaeologists which you can visit around the world; four in the UK, one in the USA, one in France, one in Greece and one in Egypt. These homes are all open to the public.


Although it is better known as the holiday home of Agatha Christie, Greenway was also the home of her husband, famous archaeologist Max Mallowan.

Born in 1904, he specialised in Middle Eastern archaeology, excavating at sites such as Ur, Nineveh and Nimrud. Appointed Professor of Western Asiatic Archaeology at the University of London in 1947, as well as Director of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq, he was later awarded an OBE and knighted for his contributions to archaeology.

Greenway is a beautiful house on the River Dart, with some amazing gardens and views. The house is owned by the National Trust and so is open to the public, and amongst all of the evidence of Agatha Christie and her literary career, there are rooms filled with artefacts they found on archaeological digs, as she would often accompany him.

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