• Sarah


Hidden away in the East end of London is 18 Folgate Street, an unusual Georgian house renovated by artist Dennis Severs to create a unique journey through 200 years of time.

Visitors walk through the house by candlelight, seeing the rooms as if the inhabitants had just walked out one evening, with the detritus of family life left behind. Combined with sounds and scents, this is an extraordinary experience which takes place in total silence.

The exterior of Denis Severs House in Spitalfields.
Dennis Severs House, 18 Folgate Street

In amongst the towering chrome, steel and glass of the vibrant Tower Hamlets in the East End there are a few remaining pockets of old London, where the streets are still cobbled, the brick buildings are worn and faded and the black railings, window shutters and street lighting speak of earlier times. To step away from the crowds, off the busy main roads and into one of these small side streets is to step back in time into an older, calmer London.

A modern office block towering over a Georgian road.

It is hard to imagine that this area of London was once mainly rural, laid out with gardens until Georgian housing, including Folgate Street, was built for the Hugenot immigrants in the late 17th century.