The largest of London's parks at 350 acres, Hyde Park and its neighbour Kensington Gardens (275 acres), create a vast green space amid the urban metropolis where you can take some time away from the noise and pollution to sit quietly, get up close with some unusual wildlife, row a boat, explore free art galleries, listen to a talk, enjoy a cold drink by the waterside, let the kids run free or explore the huge number of monuments and memorials scattered throughout.

This is the perfect place for the Slow Traveller to find some peace and nature in the middle of England's capital, and there is enough to do to easily fill more than a day if you are looking for an extended period of calm.

Lawns and flowerbeds in Hyde Park
Lawns and flower beds in the south-east corner of Hyde Park

Although separate parks with different opening times, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens seem to merge into one huge green space, which combined together are larger than the Principality of Monaco. A mix of formal gardens, open land, lakes and wooded areas, there is plenty of space to be able to rest, relax and to take some time away from the dissonance that can be London life.

The parks may be places to just chill, but there is also a multitude of things to do in them to help you unwind, whether it's cultural, sporting or dining activities.