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Vistors to a region can often leave a trail of destruction in their wake, from casually strewn litter to wildfires. Even straying off a footpath in an environmentally sensitive area can cause the destruction of plant life and habitats. It isn't always about what we may leave behind though, as tourists have been known to help themselves to 'souvenirs' from places of importance to the locals.

A rubbish bin in a beauty spot overflowing with garbage

How to ensure you 'leave no trace'

1. The most obvious of guidelines is to take all of your rubbish away from a site with you and dispose of it properly, perferably in local recycling facilities. People on holiday often don't worry too much about recycling and will just put everything in the bin, thereby generating an increase of landfill. If you are not sure of local recycling facilities in an area you are going to, research it before you go so you don't waste time doing it on holiday. Also research things like water bottle refill stations before you go, so you don't have to use any single use plastic.

A forest on fire

2. Never, ever start camp fires unless you have triple checked that you are allowed to do so.

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