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Slow Travel is just a part of the recent, sweeping changes in the tourism industry. Sustainable, ethical and conscious travel is becoming popular across the globe, and many local travel operators are changing the face of tourism in various innovative and unique ways.

Tourism is no longer just about visiting a country, using its resources, displacing the locals and leaving the place in a worse state than when you found it: visitors can now take an active role in meeting locals and assisting them in their own projects, whether its environmental, educational or cultural. This leads to a much more rewarding experience for the visitor, which is what Slow Travel is all about. Here we look at some of the Slow Travel Innovators from across the globe, and will add to this list as we discover more.

Justice Tourism Foundation provides transformative, immersive slow travel experiences for culturally, socially and environmentally conscious travelers with a purpose and passion to explore Uganda in a meaningful and impactful way.

Their engaging and immersive travel experiences go way beyond the tourist scene allowing you to explore the country in-depth while simultaneously engaging with local communities in an authentic, sustainable and responsible way.

The company has an impressive mission statement:

To provide ethical, engaging, transformative, immersive and creative slow travel experiences for culturally, socially and environmentally conscious travelers with a purpose and passion to explore Uganda in a meaningful and impactful way that facilitate genuine cross-cultural connection and learning opportunities, inspiring compassion towards fellow human beings.

To create equitable opportunities for indigenous communities and to increase the social, economic and environmental benefits to ensure a balance between the environment, wildlife conservation and sustainable development programs among the indigenous communities living around the protected area of Kibale National Park in western Uganda.

To utilize responsible travel to promote and support grass-roots community projects and benefit host communities.

Endeavor to be a responsible tourism role model and collaborate with others to innovate and inspire ethical travel best practices.


Find out more about Justice Tourism and the amazing work they do on their website >>


ihctindia specialises in tours for couples and small groups, with each tour catering to a maximum of 10 people. Accommodation is predominantly in family operated hotels, forts, palaces, havelis and boutique hotels, full of character where each has implemented eco-friendly features including solar energy, recycled paper, organically grown food and rainwater harvesting structures.

They work closely with local schools, colleges and shopkeepers to encourage and be hands-on maintaining clean water systems and cleanliness around religious places & monuments. Guests are encouraged to buy locally, not from manufacturers and sellers who exploit children.

Ihtc has a wide variety of tours across every part of India. They include horse safaris, Wellness Camps in the Valley of Flowers, the Himalayas or at a Bamboo Retreat, as well as epic tours across the country; visiting historical sites, temples, museums, animal sanctuaries and small villages.

Ihctindia is one of India's most innovative inbound tour operators that for two decades has provided impeccable services with great warmth. It has won the best inbound tour operator award in the Heritage & Culture categories from ITC Washington DC USA for year 2019-2020.

The proprietor has been designated as Brand Ambassador of African Tourism by African Tourism Board, Pretoria South Africa. He is a founding member of World Tourism Network, Honolulu, Hawaii. Lux Life, the prestigious British magazine had shorted-listed ihctindia for its Global Excellence Award, 2020.

Let us take you on a journey through the Landscapes, Culture, Heritage & Spiritual essence of this diverse Country

Find out more on the ihtc India website >>


IT's July is a completely innovative way of making new friends when you travel and really getting to meet the locals.

It operates as a 'matchmaking' service for families, helping you to meet families with similar interests and similar aged children across the globe, meaning you can explore a new place with people who already know it really well, seeing a new place in ways you could never manage as a tourist.

IT’S July enables families to make empowered connections with like-minded families anywhere in the world. The company was founded in the midst of the COVID pandemic with the mission to enable families to connect, discuss mutual interests, and establish new friendships through meaningful interactions.

They are active in over 40 destinations worldwide, with thousands of families joining every month. Families can open a family profile, find family matches anywhere in the world, chat with them about anything, and set up to meet in real life. You can use it wherever you are - at home or away - to make new family connections.

The focus is on sustainable travel, reducing your eco-footprint and of course, Slow Travel, and is a great way to move beyond mere tourism to really get to see a new place with a deeper understanding of the place and the people who live there.

Find out more on the IT'S July website >>


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