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Slow Travel

The road slow travelled

Slow Travel is a different way of exploring the world, with an emphasis on avoiding the over saturated tourist areas, finding the places which are off the beaten path, where there is a gentler and more peaceful approach to travel. Getting around with public transport, staying, eating and shopping in independently owned businesses, taking your time to find the hidden corners which only locals know: this is Slow Travel.


All you need to know about an area, how to get around, where to visit and more


Explore the unique, the unusual or the hard-to-get-tickets-for in this guide to Slow Experiences


Learn more about the Slow Movement, its ethos and how to be a Slow Traveller

"Not all those who wander are lost"

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The Slow Travel website was started in September 2020, to help people who are looking for travel inspiration that will take them away from the usual tourist sites and crowds. The emphasis is on giving your tourist pounds to local producers and providers, avoiding the homogeneous, mass produced and multi-nationally owned corporations.


Our website will guide you to find the small suppliers, the off-the-beaten-track locations where few tourists go, the quiet and hidden spaces where time slows down.


We also show you how to visit the larger, more touristy sites and cities, but avoiding the queues, crowds and noise of everyone else, whether it is visiting out of season, paying a bit extra for a unique ‘experience’ or finding the quietest areas of a big city. Even London has pockets of stillness if you know where to look...

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