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Looking for alternatives to endlessly doom scrolling on your phone? These sites will keep you entertained the Slow way.


See what is happening in the sky directly above where you are in real time and in the night ahead, with satellites, planets and stars showing their path over you. It is endlessly fascinating.


Listen to a recording of the natural sounds from forests and woodlands across the world, from the dawn chorus in Alaska to the call of the rhinocerus horbill in Sumatra.  

Music Notes

This 1000 year long musical composition is now in its 22nd year. Played from The Lighthouse in London, you can listen to a live stream and find out more about the project from their website.

A camera with a 360 degree span is right at the centre of the stone circle, live streaming the view. Watch the sun come up, the changing skies and the wildlife visitors to this ancient place.

Stack of Newspapers

Slow journalism provides an alternative to the headline grabbing modern newsites, with in-depth news that focuses on more than just one day at a time. Find out more from Tortoise Media.


Britain's ancient yews are a familiar site to many in the churchyards across the country. This site has mapped them all and provides details, history and photos, to help you find and appreciate these most impressive of Britain's tree species.

Whale Shark
Art Gallery

Slow Art Day is a global event which takes place annually, with the intention of getting people to look at art in a new way. No racing around galleries getting tired feet and minds, this is about really exploring a few pieces in detail.

Clock Gears
Tree Lined Path

Plan your next long distance walk with these ancient footpaths which started life as hunter-gatherer tracks, became pagan pathways and then became ritualised journeys. All you need to know about reviving the pilgrimage tradition.


Slow Swimming is all about the journey; exploring the great outdoors at a leisurely pace (swimbling) through the natural waterways. Increasing in popularity, particularly in the UK, this website tells you all you need to know.


Want to watch manatees underwater, kittens at play, the Northern Lights, wolves playing in the snow, the sun rising in California? All of these and many more are livestreamed to provide you with endless calming footage from around the globe.

The Long Now is an organisation which fosters long term thinking. A 10,000 year clock is being built inside a Texas mountain, which can keep time even without any human input. Read more about the clock and the long term projects which accompany it.

Got a thing for the calming and meditative effects of labyrinths and mizmazes? Locate one anywhere in the world with this website and find out more about its origins and purpose. 


Want to watch scenes and views from across the globe? Earth TV has cameras in a variety of locations, showing you people just going about their daily lives. It makes for fascinating and absorbing viewing.

Cave Explorer

Hundreds of short adventure films you can watch entirely for free, from all around the world. Experience some of the harshest climates and most remote places on the planet through the eyes of the people who live and explore them.

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