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Anna has been writing for Slow Travel since 2022, bringing her eloquent way with words to the site with the A Walk on the Quiet Side series.


Taking peaceful walks off the beaten path, she writes about the hidden landscapes and features that many may miss.

You can find more of her writing and writing services on her own website at Committed to Words


About Anna


Losing my job in the Travel and Tourism sector, during the Covid shake-down that hung over so many of our heads, was a chance to seize the part of that job that I loved the most – the writing – and to seize the moment to reinvent myself.

It’s hard to be purist about a freelance writing career when there are bills to pay, and that all-important self-belief sometimes comes unexpectedly from others. For me it came from an old school friend who remembered a letter that my 13-year-old self had written to her from Cumbria, describing the sights and sounds of the fells. It came from my first commission, when someone had faith in me, just as I was losing it.

Now I do my best to write for a living. It’s a smaller living, there’s no denying, but a happy and creative one and I love adding photographs to go with the words. I am sometimes asked what I enjoy the most. It’s a good question because I’ve realised that it’s not so much what I write about, but who I write for. I love recognising the way people – and their businesses - want to be portrayed, I love identifying with their clients, being intuitive, relating to people, finding the right words and hitting the nail on the head with my copy.

If I want to write for myself, I can go off-piste and be myself - though there’s always a bit of myself in everything that I write. I think it’s what makes words come to life, and that’s where the Walks on the Quiet Side come in.


Anna's Articles

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