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One of the major parks in Salisbury, this riverside park has beautiful views of Salisbury Cathedral and the River Avon, a good play area, plenty of places to relax and some great paddling spots.

A view of the River Avon in Queen Elizabeth gardens.
'Lizzie Gardens' has the River Avon running through much of it

Opened in 1960 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II seven years earlier, 'Lizzie Gardens' as it is know to the locals, is the park which is closest to the town centre. Flanked on two sides by the River Avon and with a shallow tributary running through it, the park is dominated by the presence of water.

The River Avon with the water meadows behind it
Kingfishers can often be seen here

Paths traverse the park and around the water's edge, and at one corner there is a bridge across the river to 'Town Path', which leads people through the ancient water meadows to the suburb of Harnham.

It is possible to see kingfishers and other river wildlife swooping around the area, or a family of swans gliding by on the still river.

A central island surrounded by shallow water is the perfect place for children to paddle in the summer, and the water is often fi