Sally Lunn's Restaurant is in the centre of the city of Bath, just a stone's throw from the Abbey and Roman Baths, and just as popular with visitors. The building is said to date from the 15th century and the famous Sally Lunn bun from the 17th century. The restaurant is open all day serving a wide variety of dishes from breakfast to supper, and a small shop and museum is in the original kitchen in the basement.

A mannequin in a kitchen baking
Sally Lunn baking her famous buns

Sally Lunn's has long been on the main tourist trail in Bath and is usually up there in the lists of Top Ten things to do in Bath. Queues can often form out of the door and down the street as it is such a popular spot for visitors, particularly the day trippers. Not only is it in the centre of Bath and close to all the other attractions in this lovely Georgian city, but it is believed to be the site of the oldest house in Bath, built in 1482.

The History of Sally Lunns

The claim to be the oldest house in Bath may not strictly be true, although there is no doubting the heritage of the site. Excavations have shown evidence of Roman occupation, quite possibly as an inn for the travellers using the nearby baths. In later years, the site was once part of the Abbey, with the masonry oven from the refectory's kitchens in the basement dating to the 12th century, when the Abbey was reconstructed after a huge fire; in fact it rests on rubble of burnt pink stone.