This short circular walk of less than a mile takes in some of the history of Salisbury that even many locals don't know about. It includes the old medieval walls, a porch which was once part of the cathedral, the World War I war memorial and the 'secret garden', which is a beautiful place to wander through.

The Secret Garden in Salisbury
The Secret Garden is hidden away behind the Council Offices

1. Start at the Winchester Street mosaic (w3w: noble.craft.local)

It's not the most impressive start to a walk, but the concrete road towering in front of you is a vivid illustration of how this community was torn apart by the road planners of the 1970s, who ripped up some beautiful old buildings to create the permanent traffic jam that is the Salisbury inner ring road.

A close up of the Winchester Street Memorial
The Winchester Street Memorial

The Winchester Street Mosaic depicts life on this street in the early to mid 19th century, and includes this ditty which was pinned to the