Grovely Woods is the largest area of woodland in Wiltshire stretching from Wilton to Wylye. Its history dates back to the Iron Age, although it is the Romans who left the most significant mark on the forest, with a long Roman Road running through it. There are traces of more recent history too - not just the Witches Trees from the 1700s but remnants of the role the woods played during World War II.

The entrance to an old bunker surrouded by woodland
The World War II bunkers sit next to the Roman Road

Grovely Woods is a huge tract of woodland which stands on a chalk ridge north of Wilton with an extensive history. There are the remains of several iron age forts, Ebsbury and Grovely Castle, as well as a Roman-British settlement at Hanging Langford. The Romans most significant contribution to the area is a huge Roman Road which cuts right through it and which marks a thoroughfare which has been in use for over 7,000 years.

Trees in Grovely Woods

The woods are a popular place to this day, with walkers, cyclist and horse riders all using the area, particularly the Roman road, although there are plenty of paths leading off it for those who want to be more adventurous.

Unusually for Roman roads in woods, this one has been tarmacked and the reason for this is due to World War II.