The Bolderwood area of the New Forest contains some of the oldest and tallest trees in the forest, as well as being one of the prettiest places there. Free to visit and park, there are walking trails, cycling routes, an abundance of wildlife and of course the deer viewing platform, where you can watch New Forest Rangers feeding the wild deer.

A forest of tall pine trees

The Bolderwood area is one of the best as it has the full range of New Forest landscapes, from the huge pine and fir woodland which towers over you, to the open heathland with low gorse and heather. There is a lot of space and few buildings, so it can give you that wonderful feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. Narrow tracks weave their way through the greenery, or you can 'off-road' and just wander around to wherever looks the most appealing.

The area is also home to some of the sites of historic interest within the New Forest, most notably the Portuguese Fireplace, the Knightwood Oak and the Canadian War Memorial; you can combine all three of these in a six mile circular walk which includes the deer sanctuary. There are shorter walks on offer too.

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