Breamore, a small village south of Salisbury, is the sort of place that many people just drive through on their way to somewhere else. They are making a mistake however, as Breamore has a long history and many places to visit, including an Elizabethan Manor house, a long barrow known as The Giant's Grave, a Countryside Museum, a Medieval Mizmaze, and this hidden railway station.

Breamore has a lot to offer, and is the perfect place for the Slow Traveller to spend a day and avoid the crowds.

A disused railway station and a railway bridge with grass instead of train tracks
Closed since 1964, the Breamore Halt has been restored and forms part of the Railway Walk.

The Breamore Railway Walk runs between Burgate Cross and South Charford Crossing and follows the route of the old railway which once ran between the two places. It has only recently been opened up, with Hampshire County Council cutting back the overgrown vegetation, taking down barriers which prevented people from having access to the route and putting up signage for walkers.

It is a two mile stretch of straight path, neither end of which is particularly easy to find.

I would advise starting at the Burgate end of the path - if you have driven here then you will be able to find parking at that end. If you are taking the X3 bus, then there are bus stops at either end so you can start where you prefer. See end of article for detailed directions >>

The path is crossed by other public footpaths, so you c