High on the top of a hill, with views stretching far over the hills and fields of Hampshire and Wiltshire, is the Breamore Mizmaze. Designated a scheduled monument, it is one of only eight surviving medieval turf mazes in England, and one of only two mizmazes. Nearby is the Giant's Grave, a Neolithic longbarrow. Only accessible by foot, visiting these make for a fascinating walk in the countryside, with views over fields and hills as far as you can see and no noise from the modern-day world; it is an idyllic as well as interesting place to visit.

A close up of the Breamore Mizmaze.
The Breamore Mizmaze is one of only eight surviving medieval mizmazes

The village of Breamore has a long history with evidence of Bronze Age occupation, a mention in the Domesday Book, an ancient Priory and a manor house. The Romans were here too; there is a Roman villa open to the public about three miles away in the village of Rockbourne. Here you can see the remains of what was a large courtyard villa that was occupied until the late 5th century AD.

Breamore was the site of a priory of Augustinian Canons founded in the early 12th century, and it is believed that the mizmaze was created by them. The priory was dissolved in 1536, and no trace of it now remains, with Breamore House being built on the same land. Breamore House was completed in 1583 and was an Elizabethan Manor house.

Breamore House from the outside.
Breamore House