The Lawrence of Arabia Walking Trail is a 7 mile circular walk which begins and ends at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. During his later military career T.E. Lawrence was based at Bovington Camp and then, following his retirement, he lived in nearby Clouds Hill. This seven mile trail takes you through a part of rural Dorset to various points of interest closely associated with Lawrence’s life and death.

The exterior of Clouds Hill in Dorset
Clouds Hill, Lawrence’s small, rural cottage is now managed by the National Trust

Lawrence of Arabia is the name that was given to the Welsh born Thomas Edward Lawrence as a result of his various exploits in Palestine and Syria. A thesis on Crusader Castles first took him to the area in 1909; a few years later he would work in Syria as an archaeologist. However it is as a member of the British army and for his involvement in the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I for which he is better known. His life has been immortalised in the blockbuster movie, Lawrence of Arabia.

Throughout his life Lawrence sought to escape public attention and this was certainly true when he retired to Clouds Hill in 1935, a remote rural spot in Dorset. Earlier in his military career he had been based at the nearby Bovington Military Camp; Bovington is still an active military base today, and is also home to the Tank Museum.