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For military history enthusiasts, London has a number of museums and points of interest to visit. As many sites are are on the outskirts of London, this one-day, self-guided itinerary focuses on those that are within central London and that can easily be reached on foot or by tube, without taking up too much time travelling from one place to another. At the end we list further sites that may be of interest if you are able to travel to the outskirts.

A manequin of a soldier on horseback waving a flag at the Battle of Waterloo i the Hosehold Cavalry Museum.
Waterloo at the Household Cavalry Museum

The collection of museums and points of interest that make up this one-day, self-guided itinerary is intended for those with a specific interest in military history. Besides a few museums, you will also get to see working barracks and various war memorials scattered around London. Each place except one included on the itinerary is free to enter. Although

they will appreciate donations towards the running and maintenance of the attraction.

A good time to start this itinerary is at 10am when the National Army Museum opens its doors. This will give yourself enough time to see everywhere on the list, and aim to get to the final destination at about 4pm, as it closes at 6pm. The total walking time is only around one hour and 15 minutes; with all the stops this is a full day but certainly a worthwhile one.

Directions between the venues are given using what3words.

1. The self-guided tour starts at the National Army Museum in Chelsea (w3w: harsh