• Sarah


“Nothing is certain in London but expense,” wrote the 18th century poet William Shenstone. It is however possible to see some of the greatest historical treasures from around the world, entirely for free, in 21st century London. London has a wealth of free museums that cover a wide range of subjects, but here we highlight those that are the best of the free historical museums.

Tower Bridge in central London

London may be one of the biggest cities in the world, but unlike other capital cities, we are very lucky to have so many national museums which are free for everybody, residents and tourists alike. It’s entirely possible to spend days in London visiting all of them without paying any entrance fees, and if you add in the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and other less historical museums, there would be enough to keep you busy for weeks.

Please bear in mind that although these museums have no entrance fees, they rely on donations to provide running costs and ensure that they remain free for everyone, so give generously if you can, particularly to the smaller museums.

Museum of London, Barbican

A golden carriage in the Museum of london