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The revered British institution, the National Trust, owns over 500 properties across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as nearly 800 miles of coastline and countless nature reserves and wild landscapes. With properties ranging from magnificent stately homes to back to back houses, the National Trust has a huge range of historical and natural sites to offer visitors.

The National Trust sells annual membership, enabling members to visit its sites without any added expense beyond the annual fee. Many people, whether residents or tourists from abroad, struggle to decide if it is worth the cost.

Stourhead palladian bridge and lake
Stourhead is very popular with visitors at any time of the year

Founded in 1884 with one small property, The National Trust now owns 800 miles of coastline, has eight UNESCO sites, 500 properties and 180 registered parks and gardens. It is the second largest landowner in the U.K, and the largest farm owner in England and Wales with 250,000 hectares and 1000 tenant farmers looking after the land.

With 5,000,000 members it has the second largest membership of any institution, second only to the National Union of Students. Although not without controversy, it is much beloved across the nation and copied across the globe. If you are considering taking out membership but are still undecided, here are the facts to give you a helping hand.

Stonehenge is owned by both English Heritage and the National Trust