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Today there is a renewed interest in either going on a pilgrimage or visiting a holy shrine, not necessarily because of faith but as an opportunity to experience the slower pace of life in the past - and to feel a closeness to nature and the benefits to health and wellbeing.

The exterior of St. Davids cathedral
St. David's Cathedral in Wales

In medieval times going on pilgrimage was one of the “good works” that would guarantee you a place in Heaven, and so was of huge significance to all believers. Here we suggest some of the sites that can be visited. Many can be reached through walking along specific Pilgrim Ways, but all are accessible through public or private transport.

The Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham, Norfolk

The ruins of Walsingham Abbey

Photograph © The British Pilgrim Trust

Walsingham was the premier place for pilgrimage in England throughout the Middle Ages, rivalling Canterbury and the great shrines of Europe. Many kings and queens of England made pilgrimages here including Henry VIII.