A five mile circular walk which starts at Salisbury Cathedral and follows the River Avon out to Old Sarum through a nature reserve. Explore the outer rings of Old Sarum including the ruins of the original cathedral (which you can see for free), admire the views over the city, then walk back to town on the other side of the river.

The River Avon banks covered in trees and flowers on a sunny day
The Avon Valley Nature Reserve is a great place for wildlife spotting, walking and photography.

This walk divides into three different routes at the mid-way point, so you get a choice as to which one to take. Route A is by far the prettiest and is filled with wildlife, but can be hard going after heavy rain. Route C is the dullest but is mostly paved.

Bear in mind that Old Sarum itself can get very boggy after rain. Walking the narrow outer rings after rain on all that chalky clay soil can be quite an adventure as you try not to slip down the steep banks into the moat, or lose your footwear as it gets sucked into the mud.

1. The walk starts at the cathedral, at the statue of the Walking Madonna. (w3w:

The statue of the Walking Madonna outside Salisbury Cathedral