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Slow Travel Illustrator: Clem Ali

Clem is a professional illustrator who has recently done some wonderful illustrations for the site which we have used in several articles. 


Clem says, "My Illustrations are mainly inspired by travel and different cultures where I seek out colours, patterns and an overall feel for new places through my drawings.


Travel depicts the theme of escapism, where the greatest sense of escapism is present. I am constantly drawing from my experiences of cultures in order to connect my heritage through my art. The various contemporary issues that we are faced with in the world today also fuels my creative concepts.


For me, this is my way of visually documenting history in the making. I explore drawing in my sketchbooks using pencil, fineliners, inks and watercolours to bring my illustrations to life. As well as this, I continue to develop my skills by also creating digital illustrations on Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign)."


Instagram: @cclementtine

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