• Sarah


Just outside the city of Salisbury, Figsbury Ring is a Neolithic and Iron Age hillfort which is a beautiful spot for a walk or a picnic. It has impressive views over Salisbury from the top of the ramparts and is a site of special scientific interest, filled with grasslands and wildlife including butterflies, orchids, fireflies and skylarks. It is owned by the National Trust but is free to visit and is open all year round.

A view over Figsbury Ring against a blue sky.
Figsbury Ring is a beautiful spot for a walk.

Just outside the small village of Firsdown 5 miles from Salisbury, Figsbury Rings lies at the end of a rather potholed track in the middle of the countryside. You enter through a latched gate and walk down a wild hedge-lined path before emerging into a wide open space with ramparts rising up in front of you.

The tree-lined path to Figsbury Ring.
The walk from the car park

You can wander at will, explore down in the ditches or walk the narrow chalky path at the very top of the ramparts.

The views are lovely from the top, a patchwork of hills and farmland, the odd farm building dotted amongst them, with distant glimpses of Salisbury Cathedral or Old Sarum.