• Kate


A visit to Salisbury is incomplete without a look at the site where Salisbury began, and where you can get unparalleled views of the city and cathedral across a wide sweep of countryside, further enhanced by 360 degree views of the surrounding area.

An aerial view of Old Sarum

Old Sarum from above Photograph © Mark Edwards

You can choose to visit the main site of the medieval castle, an English Heritage property, or simply walk for free around the inner and outer ramparts which give you access to the original cathedral ruins, and a glimpse of how life must have been for those living here on this exposed Iron Age hillfort until the early 13th century.

Historical Background of Old Sarum

Archaeologists believe that the original ramparts were built about 400 BC, surrounding the hillfort settlement which probably also served as a refuge and market centre. There is evidence of Roman occupation from 43 AD as it appears in documentary records as Sorviodunum.

By the time of the Domesday Book in 1087 the site had become known as Sarisberie. William the Conqueror