There is a lot of misinformation out there about visiting this top tourist site - I've seen gems such as 'the visit is free if you buy a ticket' or 'you can walk amongst the stones on a regular ticket' or even 'there's no way to see this site other than pony up some cash'. This is all nonsense. I have lived near Stonehenge for about 40 years and have visited it countless times - my parents once had season tickets and we would walk there what felt like nearly every weekend with house guests who all wanted to see it and I feel well placed to answer these most common questions in internet searches on the stones. So ignore the advice from the out-of-town bloggers who have visited just once to tick it off their bucket list - here we have the definitive answers.

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Getting to Stonehenge:

What is the best way to visit Stonehenge?

This obviously depends on where you are coming from and how much time you have, but there is really no need to take one of those hideously expensive tours - I've seem some advertised for £600 and you still have to pay entrance to the stones! The most enjoyable and flexible way, in my opinion, is to do it independently. Take the train to Salisbury and then the bus to the stones, as it gives you the option of exploring Salisbury<