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Castle Hill Country Park is a 135 acre country park on former farmland to the north of the city, which opened to the public in 2018. It provides walks and views across to Old Sarum, the cathedral and Laverstock Downs. Due to its newness, the park is not the most fascinating place to visit, although it is perfect for dogs, as it even has a dog agility course.

A family and dogs walking through the park

The park is an area mostly of open grassland with easily accessible paths, and includes play areas for the kids and a multi gym area for the bigger kids. An off road bike track is in the process of being constructed in part of the park.

A small wooden climbing wall
Climbing wall for kids

Once fully established the park will feature coppiced woodland, downland, hedgerows, wildflower meadows, community supported agriculture, traditional orchards and wetland habitats. Skylarks in the Spring are a particular highlight.

A Nectar Flower mixture has been sown in an area near the Ford Road to provide a natural food source for butterflies and bumblebees, and a cover for birds. It has a World War Memorial Woodland which was planted in 2018, although it is currently little more than saplings in plastic sheaths.

The park is a wide open space of uneven grassland, surrounded by farm buildings, the airfield and housing estates, which does detract from its charm and impinge on its views.

Near Old Sarum you can sit on a bench and watch the people clambering around Old Sarum in the background, while pigs truffle around in front of you

A dog jumping over a hurdle on the dog agility course

The flatness of the park terrain makes it perfect for dogs, as you can let them off the lead and still see them when they zoom around the area.

The dog agility course is a large fenced off area with a variety of ramps, jumps, tunnels and other features, which they seem to enjoy.

When Old Sarum Airfield is operating you watch the light aircraft across the sky and see parachute drops nearby.

A dog agility course in Castle Hill Country Park
An obstacle course for kids

This walk could easily be combined with a trip to the Boscombe Down Aircraft Museum or the Jumpin' Fun Inflatable Park, both less than a mile away.

Access is available from many areas including Hilltop Way in Salisbury and from pathways from the Bishopdown and Hampton Farm estates.

How to get to Castle Hill Country Park

Castle Hill Country Park is 2 miles north of Salisbury City Centre

Postcode: SP1 3GB

Walking: Access is available from many areas including Hilltop Way in Salisbury and from pathways from the Bishopdown and Hampton Farm estates.

Public transport: The R11 Park and Ride bus going to The Beehive, or any bus destined for Amesbury, R2 to Bishopdown

Parking: There is limited free parking in Saunders Avenue SP1 3PG and in Ford Road SP1 3RZ

When is the Castle Hill Country Park open?

All day

How much does it cost to visit the Castle Hill Country Park?


Are there any facilities at the Castle Hill Country Park?

The nearest toilets are at Victoria Park SP1 3JH

A good place for a meal is at the Café@TheFarm, located at River Bourne Community Farm in Laverstock (open Tues-Sun 10am-4pm).


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