• Sarah


Many musical tours of London focus on recent pop music, with a wide variety of tours on offer for those who want to learn more about Rock ‘n Roll and the Swinging Sixties. For those who prefer music to be more orchestral, operatic or choral, there are no such tours available.

Here, we outline a two-day itinerary of the classical music sites in London for visitors who want to learn more about the history of classical music in the capital city.

The orchestra and conductor of the LSO at the end of a performance.
The London Symphony Orchestra perform at the Barbican Centre

London has a wealth of places to attend classical concerts and events, from the highbrow Opera House to free lunchtime concerts in some stunning churches. We have put together an intinerary for those who want to see these venues where the music is performed, or which focus on musical heritage, specifically ones which are in historic buildings, and which can be visited whether there is a performance on or not, as some of London’s music venues are only open for those with tickets to a specific event.

We have not specified timings on this itinerary, as you may want to stay to catch a free concert, or take a guided tour of one venue but not another, so use this more as a guide as to what is on offer, and then work out your own timings based on what tours or performances you may plan to see. I hope you will find this a useful aide in getting the most out of London’s musical heritage.


Directions are given between the venues using what3words.