A popular pedestrian bridge spanning the River Thames in restless central London is not a place you would expect to be able to discover the essence of Slow Travel, but a local artist has found a way to not just highlight the mess created by us visitors but also to encourage us to slow right down as we walk over the busiest river in the UK.

The Millennium Bridge with St Pauls in the background
The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge spanning the Thames

The Millennium Bridge is London's newest bridge; a narrow, pedestrian-only crossing from St. Pauls' to the Tate Modern and The Globe; all prime contenders for a place on any visitors London bucket list. Opened in June 2000 it is a lightweight steel suspension bridge, shallow in design so that there are few barriers to ruin the view of those using it to cross the Thames.

People walking on the Millennium Bridge
The Tate Modern is at one end of the bridge

When it opened in 2000 it swiftly became known as the 'Wobbly Bridge' by locals, as it was discovered that it would wobble with too many people on it, causing everyone to adjust the way they walked to keep their balance.

This caused them all to walk in time with each other, making the problem even worse. The bridge was temporarily closed for discreet dampers to be added underneath, which solved the problem.