As the capital city, London is at the heart of British politics. This self guided walking tour of political London is a one-day itinerary that takes you through the history of British politics, stopping at a few significant and interesting political landmarks. Starting at the Brompton Oratory you will visit a handful of places that have been the site of protest as you walk on to to Churchill’s War Rooms and then on past 10 Downing Street to Parliament Square.

The tour can finish with an out of hours tour of the Houses of Parliament, if they are running. See end of article for details.

The Houses of Parliament on the River Thames in London
The Houses of Parliament at sunset

Walk Details

This walk starts with the hiding places of Cold War spies and ends at the heart of British politics, taking in places of political protest as well as the secret wartime bunkers of British Government.

There is about 80 minutes of walking in total, through both cityscape and parkland, although you can reduce that to 40 minutes if you take a tube for one section.