Have you ever wondered about the church next to Westminster Abbey? Since 1614 St. Margaret’s Church has been the parish church of the House of Commons; somewhat overshadowed by the Abbey and usually overlooked by visitors to London.

With free entry, a number of fascinating memorials, a stained glass window with quite a history, and some lovely Tudor features, this is a must; especially for the Slow Traveller who wants to explore hidden London away from the crowds.

The exterior of St. Margarets Church in Westminster

Photograph © Ermell

Tucked away in the shadows next to the grandiose Westminster Abbey, St Margaret’s is a parish church virtually ignored by the tourists, who will queue for hours and pay large sums to get into the Abbey, while this free yet equally fascinating church stands neglected by all but the most observant of visitors.

It may not contain as many well known deceased people as the Abbey, but it has no shortage of the great and the good memorialised or buried within its walls.

It was here that Sir Walter Raleigh was executed in the churchyard then buried with honours in the chancel of the church, John Milton is buried here, as were many of Cromwell’s supporters who signed Charles I’s death