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Visiting an iconic site virtually can be a great way to avoid the crowds, the queues and the high costs of travel. It can also mean you get to hear everything that the guide is saying without any distractions and can be a good way of seeing sites for those who are less physically able, or if the sites are closed for extended periods of time.

We tried out a virtual tour of the Tower of London in the summer of 2020, when much of the world was closed down.

A screenshot of the Tower of London from the tour
A screenshot of the White Tower from the virtual tour

The Tower of London is a much visited tourist attraction, usually with endless queues and huge crowds. We tried out the virtual tour by TakeWalks, who usually do this tour in person when the tower is open.

The Virtual Tour

After being introduced to our guide, Katherine, by the Walks Coordinator in Paris, the tour started without delay. Katherine is a blue badge guide, who normally escorts groups of people on tours around the tower, so she was well placed to tell us all about it.

The tour started with the help of Google Maps, showing where the Tower is in relation to the rest of London and an aerial view of the whole tower - or should that be towers, as there are in fact 21 towers aro